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File name  [Description] **(Jp.Doc)=Japanese documents
Solution Guide

En_P_SolutionGuide.pdf  [Product Description]

O/E Converter
Optical signal to electrical signal converter

OE_Converter_Catalog_Eng.pdf [O/E converter] OE_Lineup_Eng.pdf       [O/E Lineup]

O/E for visible wavelength  SPD series.html        [O/E for visible wavelength]  SPA series.html        [O/E for large core+NA0.5]  SPD-4_Eng.html       [DC to 3GHz version O/E]

O/E for long wavelength  LPD_series.html       [O/E for long wavelength]

O/E for high sensitivity version(10K/W,100KV/W~2MV/W)  SPS_Series.pdf       [O/E for visible wavelength, high sensitivity]  LPS-2Eng.html       [O/E for long wavelength, high sensitivity]

Dual balanced photodetector optimized for SS-OCT DLP1.pdf(Jp.Doc)      [DC to 400MHz:O/E]
 DLP2.pdf(En.Doc)      [DC to 1GHz:O/E]
 BPD-1(   [DC to 400MHz:O/E]

2-PD O/E

Ka1_Eng.pdf          [High speed AFM Unit + PD module] JST News Aug.2017 (Jp.Doc)   [JST_Hakaru_2017_08_p12-13]  

Optical link


MWL_Catalog.pdf (En.Doc)   [Optical link: analog]2KHz~3GHz MWL_Catalog MWL_OutLine.pdf (CAD)   [Optical link: analog]2KHz~3GHz MWL_OutLine WSL1_Catalog.pdf (En.Doc)  [Optical link: Digital] binarization

Optical link system for accelerator Report:J-PARC(Jp.Doc)    [J-PARC_HP] / [KEK_HP]

 WS&RTL-2.pdf (En.Doc)    [Optical link for accelerator TTL version]

Optical communication system for JAMSTEC JT4_Catalog.pdf (En.Doc)   [System controlled by a single optical cable] JAMSTEC: Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology

Measure the bandwidth of multimode optical fiber

OTR_En.pdf          [Measure the bandwidth of multimode optical fiber]  

E to O

LL_Series_Catalog.pdf(En.Doc)  [Modulated LD source] 400~1300nVL-670GI_Catalog.pdf(En.Doc) [670nmVCSEL E/O]
VL-850GI_Catalog.pdf(En.Doc)  [850nmVCSEL E/O]

HF-LD source

LDS670c.pdf(Jp.Doc)  [LD source with variable HF level]

Reference laser source

RLS series.pdf(En.Doc) [Optical power and wavelength stabilized DFB-LD source]

Optical coupler

GC_F.pdf(En.Doc)   [NA. Conversion coupler]

Waveform Analyzer
(An energy meter)

DWA30-intro.html     [Specification for DWA30]

Video Line Inserter

VLI30,40.html    [VLI-30, VLI-40 can insert onto the video screen drawing]
VLI35,45.html    [VLI-35, VLI-45 the video screen drawing in various COLOR.]

Instruction or Manual Download

File name  [Description]
O/E , E/O

OE_Instruction_Eng.pdf           [O/E Manual] SPD-1&2_650nm_Manual_Eng.pdf      [O/E Manual] SPD-1&2_850nm_LPD-1&2_Manual_Eng.pdf [O/E Manual] SPD-3&4_Manual_Eng.pdf          [O/E Manual] SPA-2_650nm_Manual_Eng.pdf        [O/E Manual] SPA-3&4_Manual_Eng.pdf          [O/E Manual] LL_Series_Manual_Eng.pdf           [E/O Manual] VL-850GI_Manual_Eng.pdf           [E/O Manual]

Optical connector
Optical coupler

Optical connector  G_OCN_2R5_Usage_En.pdf    [Manual:Graviton Original Connector]
 G_OCN_En.pdf          [Catalog:Graviton Original Connector]

Optical coupler GC3420_Jp.pdf        [Manual (Jp.Doc)]
 GC-10A20_Jp.pdf     [Manual (Jp.Doc)]

Other Download

File name  [Description]
Other products

Waveform Analyzer  DWA30-intro.html    [Specification for DWA30]

Video Line Inserter VLI30,40        [Video Line Inserter]
 VLI35,45      [Video Line Inserter +8 color drawing]
 VLI3545.pdf     [Manual (Jp.Doc) ]


(Excel version)    [Simulation software, Vessel filters]
(USB interface)   [RLS-7, DFB-LD Reference light source]