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Dear valued customers,

During the period from April 5 to May 5 in 2023,
we cannot process your request for issuing the calibration certificate,
as we need to have our measurement instruments calibrated by JQA Organization.

For calibration certificate requests before or after the period, please contact us.

Please note that issuing the calibration certificate is a paid service.
The following documents will be included.
We appreciate your interest.

  • For Example - 1/3 : Traceability chart [Graviton Inc.]
  • For Example - 2/3 : Certificate of Calibration [Graviton]
  • For Example - 3/3 : Certificate of Calibration [JQA]

Parameter Sheet (Certificate of non-applicability)

The Parameter Sheet will be provided free of charge.
Please fill out the following request form.

  • *)Please click "Request form" is move to PDF.
    "Xls" :Click=Download the Excel version (self-extracting zip file).

  • The following is a reference sample of the Parameter Sheet.


Please tell me if there is anything else that we can do.