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by FMD

Hight Performance Mirror mounts
FMD : First Mechanical Design Corporation FMD‘s high performance mirror mounts are essential to all engineers or researchers who demand the accurate and ultra stable optical axis controls for long time in many optical experiments using laser.
Many high-end research institutes and universities take advantage of FMD's mirror mounts products.
By using FMD's high performance mirror mounts you will be free from various optical axis alignment frustration, and they allow you to achieve the next stage. Actually, Tokyo University (Furusawa Lab), one of the most demanding users, successfully achieved a great result in the interferometer using 32 pcs of mirrors.
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by Graviton

Pulsed light source with less than 1 p sec rms jitter, the optical component system with O/E and E/O converters,
and more Graviton products...
Graviton's optical component system, which features the great temperature characteristics and the minimized jitter as possible as controlled, has been applied to the proton linac in j-PARC.
In the proton linac in j-PARC, RF reference signal is distributed to each klystron drive station through optical transmission.
There are 60 stations in a 300 m length linac, where it is required that the condition of the phase in the accerelated electric field should be within ±1 °at 972MHz and the amplitude fluctuation should be within ±1.
Therefolre, the stability of the RF reference signal in between stations shoud be highly controlled the phase variation within ±0.3°(about ±0.9ps at 972MHz).
Allow me to introduce to you other products.
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Calibration Light source unit allowing to install up to 8 different light sources The unit allows to install 8 different modules with stabilized optical power and wavelength.
It is handy for calibration of an optical power meter.
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