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Examples of Contract Development Products

Examples of Contract Development Products
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Graviton has provided more than 250 contract development projects. Here are some of them.

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O/E converter

for measurement

The O/E converters enable a wide range of modulated optical signal from CW to GHz bandwidth to convert to electrical signal which is available for electrical measurement devices. See O/E converters for details.

E/O converter

for measurement

The E/O converters (Japanese CATAROG) enable a wide range of analog voltage signal from 100 KHz to 1.2 GHz to convert to various wavelengths of optical signal of which intensity can be modulated. The E/O converters with VCSELL for 670 nm or 850 nm are available. For more details, contact us.

Video camera for checking optical cable

for checking optical cable

This camera detects the problems of optical fiber cables for video camera, including disconnection and short-circuiting, and measures transmission loss as well.

Checking device

for optical signal characteristics

This device detects leaked light from optical fiber cable with high sensitivity, and identifies the intensity, direction, modulation mode of optical light.

Measuring device
for water content rate by IR

By irradiating IR to the object to measure, this device detects two different wavelengths of 1800 nm and 1940 nm to convert to electrical signals, indicates the water content ratio of the object by calculating the voltage difference of the electrical signals.


APC Laser driver

for optical disc inspection device

Graviton has developed various high-speed Laser driver with shorter than 1ns rising time of optical wave form to evaluate optical disks and inspection devices. Some devices can work for both bandwidth from DC to 10 MHz for APC and the one from DC to 400 MHz.


Bidirectional optical communication device
for 1310 nm/1550 nm
This device is actually applied to unmanned seafloor probe. The device enables HD-SDH video signal and multi-channel digital signal to multiplex and to convert to 2.97 Gbps serial signal to transmit bidirectionally through one single mode optical fiber.

Bidirectional optical communication device

with coaxial cable

(Japanese DOC.)

This device is actually applied to unmanned seafloor probe. The device enables 8-channel fully duplexed RS-232 signal to multiplex and to convert to serial signal to communicate bidirectionally through one 2.5D 200m length cable.

Optical link

for OFDM

This optical link is the microwave link to transmit OFDM with the bandwidth from 2 KHz to 3GHz, featuring low noise of less than -135 dB/Hz and low IMD of equal to or less than 50dB. For additional requirements are available, including temperature control with Peltier device or your desired wavelength, contact us.
HD-SDI Optical link module
This optical link module is used to transmit high-vision digital video signal of 1.4835 Gbps and 1.485 Gbps compliant to SMPTE-292M standard. It equips a recruiter per RX and TX and features low noise.



Low jitter optical link
(Japanese DOC.)
This low jitter optical link(Japanese DOC.) is applied to transmit 960 MHz reference signal to control the phase of LINAC accelerator cavity. With the combination of high-performance E/O and O/E, RMS jitter can be controlled under less than 1ps. Graviton also provides the optical link which can be applied to TTL(Japanese DOC.) with high-performance.
PWM optical link
This PWM optical link with the bandwidth from DC to 10MHz is applied to verify the operation of the heating device by incident neutral particle.



Optical differential receiver for OCT

・DC to 400MHz

DC to 1GHz

This receiver for OCT converts optical signal to electrical signal in a range of DC to 400MHz, by detecting the intensity difference between 2 channel optical signals. It features ultra-low noise characteristics of 5 pW/Hz in a range of equal to or less than 100 MHz.

Sensing module with 2-split PIN photo detector for High-speed AFM

This high-speed sensing module is used to output optical axis displacement signal from DC to 80MHz with low noise. It detects reflected light from the cantilever of AFM and capture the small displacement of the light axis with 2-split PIN PD and convert to electric signal.

Arithmetic logic unit of optical signal for high-speed AFM

This unit operates analog arithmetic computation of addition, subtraction and division of 2 channel signal from the sensing module of AFM. It features 20MHz of cutoff frequency, 4th order Vessel low pass filter and great temperature characteristics.

LD light source enabling high frequency superposition level change

This LD light source enables high frequency superpositioned level to change, which can be used for various experiments of high-speed AFM.

(Japanese DOC.)

Laser Doppler blood flow meter

This Laser Doppler blood flow meter can convert reflected light when IR is irradiated to human skin to electrical signals. Then the electrical signals are processed analog arithmetic operation and the blood flow is measured by non-contact.

Charging/Discharging Control

Charging/discharging circuit by optical power supply

This circuit monitors and controls the charging status of electric double layer capacitor and secondary battery which are equipped on the power circuit of the device which operates using the combined power of high-power light source and PD.

High-end Audio

Audio Amplifier
Graviton receives custom orders for high quality audio power amplifier with stereo pair, estimated JPY4,000,000, or audio preamp, estimated JPY2,500,000. Those are employed Graviton's integrated circuit design, best choice of components, internal structures and expertized considerations for high quality sound. Feel free to consult us.
Channel divider
Graviton provides 6-band monaural channel divider. It employs pure electron type analog volume per variable attenuator for each band and has no mechanical contacts of this channel divider except input and output connectors.