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Exhibition schedule: Overview of major exhibitions (Details on each website)

Next exhibition "InterOpto"

Date : 29(Wed)~31(Fri).Oct.2024
Place : Pacifico Yokohama (Japan)

1) OPIE : OPTICS & PHOTONICS International Exhibition "LASER EXPO"

Features of OPIE

・OPIE is one of the largest exhibitions in Japan specialized for the photonics industrial sector. It takes place at the end of April when a new fiscal year starts for most of companies and it has been regarded as the best opportunity for visitors to be here looking for “what’s new this year” and trend of technology related with their research, development and design activity.
・It is the largest exhibition which has been held with international academic conferences on laser and photonics fields in Japan and top level scientists and engineers from university and companies visit to exchange information.
・OPIE stands out for the major international exhibition by cooperation with various associations for optics and photonics representing for their countries including SPIE, OSA and CIOE.


・From scientific to industrial applications / Comprehensive exhibition for laser technology – Laser technology is used in a wide range of applications such as information communication, material processing and measurement, and the market is expanding.
This comprehensive exhibition for laser technology, which brings together domestic and foreign laser products for research, development and production, is held with the aim of contributing to the sustainable development of laser technology.
As laser technology is expected to have the potential to create new innovations, Laser EXPO attracts many visitors every year.
By fully demonstrating the potential of lasers, you can further strengthen your laser business.


2) InterOpto-Science Photonics Fair in Japan- from 2024

Exhibition Outline

InterOpto organized OITDA (Optpelectronics Industry and Technology Development Association) and Science Photonics Fair organized by Optronics wimm be jointly held by the name of InterOpto-Science Photonics Fair in Japan- from 2024.

・interOpto is the international trade show that unites advanced technologies of photonics, optoelectronics and lasers from Japan and abroad.
Moving the location to Yokohama in 2010, interOpto became attracting more attention from researchers and engineers and is committed a major source of information of photonics industry. This show showcases the latest solution for optical technology, from precision equipment, semiconductor, communication, measurement, to biotechnology and become more meaningful by collocating with the shows, which specify the popular application.
Many opportunities abound in interOpto as representative of burgeoning photonics industry.

・Science Photonics Fair was established in 2011 as a specialized technology fair focusing on the individual technologies of light: infrared, ultraviolet, laser, spectroscopy, thin film and optics.
Nowadays, optics and photonics technologies are widely spread as a powerful lever for various industrial fields.
Many developers, engineers, and purchasers from these various industries come to the fair to seek solutions to their daily problems and challenges.


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