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Company Profile

Company Profile

Company name
Graviton Incorporated
Tax Identification Number : 6030001026878
home page:
Date of establishment
2nd November 1992
JPY 26,000,000 ( as of the end of Dec. 2020 )
Office : 1-8-1 Kasuga-cho, IRUMA-SHI, SAITAMA, 358-0006 JAPAN
Contact Us
Phone : +814-2966-0816
Fax     : +814-2966-0817
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President and CEO
Mitsuhiro Nagatomo
Board of management
2 people + outside director 1 people
( as of the end of Sep. 2020 )
Financial Information
Net sales
(fiscal year Oct. 1 to Sep. 30)
2021 Term 29: JPY 59.04 million
2020 Term 28: JPY 81.50 million
2019 Term 27: JPY 83.34 million
2018 Term 26: JPY 81.02 million
2017 Term 25: JPY 93.62 million
2016 Term 24: JPY 47.06 million
2015 Term 23: JPY 45.47 million
number of employees
3 people ( as of the end of Sep. 2020 )

Company introduction

Graviton's O to E converter makes easy optoelectronic instrumentation in cost effective way. Just attach the converter onto the input terminal of your electronic instrument then you can observe optical power waveforms.

Business content

Research and development of general electronic equipment products and optoelectronic products, product design, manufacturing and sales, and all business related to them.

Corporate History

Capital [JPY]
  Topics (* : Product information)
Jan_2022 --- New Office : 1-8-1 Kasuga-cho, IRUMA-SHI, SAITAMA, 358-0006 JAPAN
Apr_2021 --- * New product release: SPD-2_520nm For RGB & High Speed POF:φ1mm (Max.core:φ1.0mm and Max.NA:0.25)





* New product information: PRM_NIM1 (Japanese documents)
~~ The English version will be released soon. ~~
May_2020 --- * New product release: DLP-2 Dual input wideband differential O/E medical OCT 1Ghz
Apr_2019 --- Relocation of registered address to current 1-9-12 Takakura, Iruma City. Business address remains unchanged.
Feb_2017 --- * New product release: LDS-670 High-speed AFM, high-frequency superimposing level adjustable light source
Dec_2016 26 million Capital increase
Sep_2016 --- * New product release: DLP-1 Specification change for BPD-1 for US market for domestic sale
Dec_2014 --- * New product release: BPD-1 dual input wideband differential O/E medical OCT for USA







* New product release: Wideband analog optical link MWL series (Japanese documents) Certificate of appreciation from KEK (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization) and J-PARC Center (High Intensity Proton Accelerator Facility)

~~ The English version will be released soon. ~~



The achievement of our ultra low jitter digital optical link product was recognized, JAEA (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)





Organization changed to a company without a board of directors, corporate auditors abolished,

and the term of office of directors changed from 2 years to 5 years.

Mar_2007 --- * New product release: LL1300GI (modulation E/O, long wavelength LD installed)





* New product release: VL850GI (modulation possible E/O, VCSEL installed)
* New product release: LL400GI (modulation possible E/O, blue LD mounted)
Jan_2006 --- * New product release: SPA-4 (SPD-3 bandwidth increased + new design optical system NA 0.5 compatible)
Oct_2005 --- * New product release: SPD-3 (SPD-1 bandwidth UP + own designed optical system)
Dec_2003 20.5 million Capital increase
Dec_2002 19.5 million Capital increase
Mar_2002 --- * New product release: LPD-1 (SPD-1 to long-wavelength version O/E)
Dec_2001 19.25 million Capital increase
Dec_2000 19 million Capital increase
Jun_1999 --- * New product release: SPD-1 (designed in-house, with Wideband TIA, short wavelength O/E)





Moved the business office (research facility and manufacturing department) to
15-5 Kawaramachi, Iruma City. Registered address remains the same.







* Started selling our own products
E/O converter (laser light source capable of light intensity modulation with electric signal): LL780GI
O/E converter (optical signal to electoronic signals conversion from DC up to GHz): PD780GI
Dec_1994 18 million Capital increase
Dec_1993 12 million Capital increase
Nov_1992 10 million Established Graviton Co., Ltd. in Takakura, Iruma City, Saitama JAPAN

Major customer(Delivery record, etc.)

Development, research, administration, public interest foundation, etc.


University, other educational facility related

Utsunomiya University

Kanazawa University

Kyushu Institute of Technology Graduate School

Keio University

Hiroshima University

Hiroshima Institute of Technology

Saga University Graduate School

Shizuoka University

Osaka University Graduate School

University of Electro-Communications

Tokyo Institute of Technology

Tokyo University

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

Doshisha University

Toyohashi University of Technology

Nagoya University Graduate School

Nagoya Institute of Technology

Nara Institute of Science and Technology

Nihon University

Automobile manufacturing/automobile related companies, semiconductor/industrial equipment related trading companies, audio equipment manufacturing companies, high-speed communication equipment, various electronic device manufacturing companies, etc.
(Company name is private.)

Overseas: Company/Laboratory/University

(Australia) Australian National University

(Belgium) Sony Depthsensing Solutions SA

(Belgium) Skylane Optics S.A.

(Belgium) Melexis Microelectronic Systems

(France) INSA de Rennes

(Germany) Technische Universität Braunschweig

(Germany) Technische Hochschule G.S.O POF-AC.

(Germany) ExperBuy Deutschland GmbH

(Germany) Avago Technologies GmbH

(Germany) Teledyne LeCroy GmbH

(Germany) Harz University of Applied Sciences

(Germany) Technische Hochschule Nürnberg

(Germany) SMSC Europe GmbH

(Germany) GSO University of Applied Sciences

(Germany) RWTH Aachen University

(ISRAEL) Levanon & Kogan Ltd.

(Italy) I.S.M.B. Ist. Sup. M.Boella

(Kingdom of Spain) KDPOF

(Kingdom of Spain) University of Zaragoza

(Kingdom of Spain) University Carlos III

(Korea) Meerecompany Inc.

(Korea) Hanyo Co.,LTD


(Netherlands) Philips Medical Systems

(Netherlands) Leppink Automatisering & Computers

(Netherlands) Technische Universiteit Eindhoven


(Sweden) Autoliv

(Switzerland) Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich

(Taiwan) National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center

(Taiwan) National Tsing Hua University

(Taiwan) Nanotech Semiconductor Ltd.

(Taiwan) EPISTAR

(United Kingdom) Hilight Semiconductor Ltd

(United Kingdom) Foremost Integrated Circuits Ltd

(United Kingdom) British Telecomunications PLC

(FL U.S.A.) Stephen Gould Corporation

(FL U.S.A.) Philips Healthcare

(NC U.S.A.) Duke University Health System, Inc.

(NC U.S.A.) Duke University Medical Center

(CO U.S.A.) Insight Photonic Solutions, Inc.

(CA U.S.A.) Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

(CA U.S.A.) Sony Electronics Inc. Image Sensor Design Center

(NY U.S.A.) Sony Electronics Inc.