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Gravitons O/E converter receives a wide range of optical signal to convert to less noise electrical signal from DC to up to 3GHz. By simply attaching the compact converter onto the input terminal of your electronic instrument, you can observe optical power waveforms.

To look for your best fit O/E converter with specification details, please refer to the O/E converter selection Guide guide.

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Product image and size

Size example : SPD-3

Simply connect to your electric instrument

[1] Attach the O/E converter onto your electronic instrument.
[2] Supply the DC power to the converter.
[3] Turn on the DC power switch of the converter.
[4] Connect the optical signal you want observe. Then adjust the voltage range, time range, or frequency range of the electronic instrument.

Originally designed lens system enables outstanding detection area

Maximum detection diameter is up to 1mm, and Maximum NA range is up to 0.5.
SPD-1, LPD-1, and SPS-1 are configured with a photodetector with a ball lens.

Wide bandwidth conversion from DC up to 3.0 GHz Transimpedance amplifier inside Graviton's converter is configured by discrete transistor devices.
The TIA circuitry is effective to get wide band O to E conversion from DC up to GHz, and high sensitivity.
Also the offset voltage is very low since the DC servo circuit system.

*** The example of two different cases ***

Each product is packed in a case individually.

Regarding the case, we have two options from which you can select: one is a wooden case and the other is a cardboard case.

Both of them are designed to keep /to carry the product safe.

Photo shows the example of two different cases : a standard wooden case (left) and a cardboard case (right).

left: standard wooden case | right: cardboard case

Unless otherwise specified, wooden case.(left)

There is also a plastic case.
left: standard wooden case | right: plastic case

Unless otherwise specified, wooden case.(left)

When we ship it to you, we will pack the cases in a durable box for overseas shipment.