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O/E Converter

*O/E Converter : LPS-2_20KV/W
(Max Core = 0.5mm, Max NA = 0.25, 20KV/W@1310nm, DC to 100MHz)

* For IR wavelength: 950nm to 1650m
* Super High Sensitivity: 20,000V/W
* Maximum NA: 0.25
* Maximum core diameter: φ0.5mm
* Wide range of convertible frequency Bandwidth: DC to 100MHz
* Low output offset voltage: 0.5mV or less
* Compact: 103mm x 44mm x 21mm
* Lightweight: 130g
* Equips an InGaAs PIN Photodetector with original lens system and FET Input type Transimpedance Amplifier
* Reasonable price:JPY 320,000 for direct sales
 (Excluded tax and shipping cost)

[1] Specifications
[2] Lens system
[3] Spectral Sensitivity (by calculation)
[4] Step Response and Frequency Characteristics (Example)
[5] options

[2] Lens System


Maximum Acceptable Diameter = 0.5mm
Maximum Acceptable NA = 0.25
Diameter of PD = φ0.2mm
Optical Magnification = 0.4

[3] Spectral Sensitivity (by calculation)


Reference wavelength: 1310nm

Maximum sensitivity: at 1570nm

Sensitivities vs wavelength

Sensitivity Wavelength
3,700 V/W 900nm
12,900 V/W 1,000nm
15,400 V/W 1,100nm
17,600 V/W 1,200nm
21,400 V/W 1,400nm
22,500 V/W 1,500nm
22,700 V/W 1,600nm

[4] Step Response and Frequency Characteristics (Example)


Step Response of LPS-2_20KV/W
Rise time: 3.82 ns, Overshoot : 3.42%

Frequency Characteristics of LPS-2_20KV/W
-3dB (Electrical) Frequency : Approx. 100MHz

[5] options
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