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O/E Converter

*O/E Converter : SPD-2_650nm and SPD-1_850nm
(Max Core = 1.0mm, Max NA = 0.25, 1000V/W@658nm or 850nm, DC to 1.2GHz)

* For High Speed POF:φ1mm (Max.core:φ1.0mm and Max.NA:0.25)
* High sensitivity: 1000V/W
* Wide range of receivable wavelength: 320nm to 1000nm
* Wide range of Convertible Frequency Bandwidth: DC to 1.2GHz
* Low output offset voltage: 0.5mV or less
* Compact: 103mm x 44mm x 21mm
* Lightweight: 130g
* Equips a silicon PIN Photodiode configured with unique lens system
* Reasonable price:JPY 290,000 for direct sales
 (Excluded tax and shipping cost)

[1] Specifications
[2] Lens system
[3] Spectral Sensitivity (by calculation)
[4] Step Response and Frequency Characteristics (Example)
[5] Responding characteristics of the PD in a range of convertible frequency bandwidth
[6] options

[1] Specifications

Item \ Model Name

SPD-2_650nm SPD-2_850nm
Reference Wavelength 658nm 850nm
Receivable Wavelength Range 380 to 1000nm 380 to 1000nm
Maximum Core Diameter φ1.0mm φ1.0mm
Acceptable NA. Range 0.25 or less 0.25 or less
Optical Input Connector (Standard) FC receptacle FC receptacle
Photodetector Type Si PIN PD Si PIN PD
Active diameter of Photodetector φ0.4mm φ0.4mm
(Conversion Gain at Reference Wavelength)
1,000V/W 1,000V/W
Output Saturation Optical Input Power
(Reference Wavelength)
-4dBm -4dBm
Convertible Frequency Bandwidth DC to 1.2GHz DC to 1.2GHz
Output Noise Level 1.9mVrms or less 1.9mVrms or less
Noise Equivalent Optical Power at Reference Wavelength -27.3dBm or less -27.3dBm or less
Electrical Output Connector
BNC plug BNC plug
Output Impedance 50 ohms 50 ohms
Output Offset Voltage 0.5mV or less 0.5mV or less
DC Power Connector LEMO 0S-4P LEMO 0S-4P
Supply Voltage DC±15V DC±15V
Supply Current +150mA/-50mA +150mA/-50mA
Dimensions [mm] 103 x 44 x 21 103 x 44 x 21
Approx. 130g Approx. 130g

[2] Lens System


Maximum core diameter of POF: 1.0mm
Maximum NA: 0.25
Diameter of Photo Diode: 0.4mm
Optical Magnification: 0.4

[3] Spectral Sensitivity (by calculation)


Reference wavelength: 658nm

Maximum sensitivity: at 770nm

Sensitivities vs wavelength

Sensitivity Wavelength
296 V/W 400nm
535 V/W 500nm
829 V/W 600nm
1090 V/W 700nm
1125 V/W 800nm
790 V/W 900nm


Reference wavelength: 850nm

Maximum sensitivity: at 770nm

Sensitivities vs wavelength

Sensitivity Wavelength
298 V/W 400nm
539 V/W 500nm
834 V/W 600nm
1098 V/W 700nm
1133 V/W 800nm
795 V/W 900nm

[4] Step Response and Frequency Characteristics (Example)


Step Response of SPD-2_650nm
Rise time: 273.3ps, Overshoot : 1.60%
Frequency Characteristics of SPD-2_650nm
-3dB (Electrical) Frequency : Approx. 1.2GHz


Step Response of SPD-2_850nm
Rise time: 311ps, Overshoot : 0.29%
Frequency Characteristics of SPD-2_850nm
-3dB (Electrical) Frequency : Approx. 1.2GHz

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