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O/E Converter Options

* Connector Options, Power Supply and NA Conversion Adaptor

Standard optical input connector of OE convertor uses FC type.
It can be changed to one of the types of SC, FSMA, F05, G-OCN or ST with additional fee.
Note that those optional receptacles do not come with dust protection caps shown in the Image 1.

Standard electrical output connector is BNC plug type shown in Image 2.

It can be changed to either type of SMA plug, SMA jack, or BNC jack with additional fee.
Please specify the options when you order. We will make quote.

** Standard Connectors **

     "Image 1"      "Image 2"

Image 1: Standard FC type receptacle with dust protection cap.

Image 2: Standard BNC-plug type Electrical output: BNC plug.

** Connector Options **
1. Optical Input Connectors

1-1 Please contact us for "ST type" receptacle.

1-2. Other type receptacles

1-2-1: SC receptacle


1-2-2: FSMA receptacle


1-2-3: F05 Receptacle


1-2-4: G-OCN Receptacle


2. Optional Electrical Output Connectors

2.1 Standard Electrical Output Connector
* Electrical output: BNC plug. Image 2"

2.2 Optional Electrical Output Connector
* Contact us for BNC jack.

** Connector Options **

2-2-1: Contact us for SMA jack.

2-2-2: Contact us for SMA plug.

* DC Power Supply Unit

The DC Power to the O/E converter, when the instrumental device which uses with the O/E convert has ± 15V output terminal of LEMO OS-4P type the supplied cable should be used.
If you do not have the power supply output which is compatible to the instrumental device, we can provide COCEL G1W-15 DC power supply as external regulated power supply.
Please contact us for quotation.

DC Power Supply G1W-15 by COSEL

* NA Conversion Adaptor

When delivering the light outputted from CD or DVD pickup, if a large core diameter fiber is placed directly on the top of the objective lens, the NA of the light may be too large to collect the light.
To solve this issue, using GC-3420 NA conversion adapter can guide the light within a range of NA 0.34 into the optical fiber with NA 0.2.
Please contact us for quotation.

NA Conversion Adaptor GC-3420 by Graviton