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Graviton's O to E converter makes easy optoelectronic instrumentation in cost effective way.
Just attach the converter onto the input terminal of your electronic instrument then you can observe optical power waveforms.

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Research and development of general electronic equipment products and optoelectronic products, product design, manufacturing and sales, and all business related to them.

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[DEC 2021] We are moving.

The following new office address will be effective from January 11th, 2022.
1-8-1 Kasugacho, Iruma, Saitama 358-0006, Japan
You can contact us while we are in the moving process via email or phone, which are the same with the current ones.

The new office address:

1-8-1 Kasugacho, Iruma, Saitama 358-0006, Japan

Phone +81-4-2966-0816

Fax +81-4-2966-0817

[JAN 2021] SPD-2_520nm ( New O/E converter For RGB )

[MAY 2020] DLP-2 (DC to 1GHz) Sales start [English.Doc]

[JUL 2019] High performance mirror mount Birth story. [Jp.Doc]

FMD: First Mechanical Design Corporation.

[JUN 2019] Introducing a optical coupler [Jp.Doc]

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