Graviton's O to E converter makes easy optoelectronic instrumentation in cost effective way.
Just attach the converter onto the input terminal of your electronic instrument then you can observe optical power waveforms.


Research and development of general electronic equipment products and optoelectronic products,
product design, manufacturing and sales, and all business related to them. (Profile)

[ update ] : ------ New product ------

[Sep 2023] : OTR series. By using with a network analyzer, OTR series allow to measure the bandwidth of MMF (multimode optical fiber)

[May 2020] : DLP-2 (DC to 1GHz)

------ Information ------

YouTube video DEMO :Click to play YouTube video demonstration

O/E for visible wavelength

SPD series.html [O/E for visible wavelength]

SPA series.html [O/E for large core+NA0.5]

SPA-4_Eng.html [DC to 3GHz version O/E]

O/E for long wavelength

LPD_series.html [O/E for long wavelength]

O/E for high sensitivity version(10K/W,100KV/W~2MV/W)

SPS_Series.pdf [O/E for visible wavelength, high sensitivity]

LPS-2Eng.html [O/E for long wavelength, high sensitivity]

Dual balanced photodetector

DLP2.pdf [DC to 1GHz:O/E]

2-PD O/E for High speed AFM

Ka1_Eng.pdf [High speed AFM Unit + PD module]

Optical link : analog

MWL_Catalog.pdf [Optical link: analog] 2KHz~3GHz MWL_Catalog

MWL_OutLine.pdf (CAD) [Optical link: analog] 2KHz~3GHz MWL_OutLine

Optical link system for accelerator

WSL1_Catalog.pdf (En.Doc) [Optical link: Digital] binarization

Report:J-PARC(Jp.Doc) [J-PARC_HP] / [KEK_HP]

WS&RTL-2.pdf (En.Doc) [Optical link for accelerator TTL version]

Optical communication system for JAMSTEC

JT4_Catalog.pdf (En.Doc) [System controlled by a single optical cable]

JAMSTEC: Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology

Measure the bandwidth of MMF(Multimode optical fiber)

OTR_En.pdf [Measure the bandwidth of MMF]

E/O Converter (LD or VCSEL source)

LL_Series_Catalog.pdf(En.Doc) [Modulated LD source] 400~1300n

VL-670GI_Catalog.pdf(En.Doc) [670nmVCSEL E/O]

VL-850GI_Catalog.pdf(En.Doc) [850nmVCSEL E/O]

LD source for Hi-Speed AFM

LDS670c.pdf(Jp.Doc)[LD source with variable HF level]

Reference laser source

RLS series.pdf(En.Doc) [Optical power and wavelength stabilized DFB-LD source]

Optical coupler

GC_F.pdf(En.Doc) [NA. Conversion coupler]

Waveform Analyze (An energy meter)

DWA30-intro.html [Specification for DWA30]

Video Line Inserter

VLI30,40.html [VLI-30, VLI-40 can insert onto the video screen drawing]

VLI35,45.html [VLI-35, VLI-45 the video screen drawing in various COLOR.]


Consultation, Development

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[ update ] - Information -

[May 02 2024] Next exhibition : InterOpto'24 Oct.29~31

[Feb 09 2024] Updated "T&C"

[Nov 17 2023] Ended exhibition : LASER Expo'24

[Nov 02 2023] Updated "Q&A"

[Sep 2023] New Product : OTR series [Eng.Doc]
By using with a network analyzer, OTR series allow to measure the bandwidth of multimode optical fiber.

[Sep 2022] Introducing a optical coupler [Eng.Doc]

[Jan 2022] Our office has moved.

The new office address will be effective from January 11th, 2022.

1-8-1 Kasugacho, Iruma-shi, Saitama 358-0006, Japan

Phone : +81-4-2966-0816

Fax : +81-4-2966-0817

[May 2020] DLP-2 (DC to 1GHz) Sales start [English.Doc]

[Jul 2019] High performance mirror mount Birth story. [Jp.Doc]

FMD: First Mechanical Design Corporation.

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