SPS-1_10KV/W & SPS-1_100KV/W

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Frequency Caracteristics dependence on the wavelength

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SPS-1_10KV/W & SPS-1_100KV/W
(Max Core = 0.8mm, Max NA = 0.2, 10KV/W or 100KV/W, DC to 100MHz or 15MHz)


* Very High Sensitivity, 10KV/W,
   100KV/W, or Higher

* DC to 100MHz or 15MHz

* Small Offset Voltage, 0.5mV or less

* 93mm x 44mm x 21mm, 110 grams

* JPY 230,000 for direct sales
   (Excluded tax and shipping cost)

SPS-1_10KV/W and SPS-1_100KV/W are very high sensitivity O to E converters configured by a silicon PIN photodetector with a ball lens, and a TIA circuitry. Graviton's original transimpedance amplifire of FET input type is effective to make it very high sensitivity over 10 times more than SPD series. SPS-1 is suitable for many types of fiber sensors. We can also make higher sensitivity products (in this case, bandwidth is reduced). Please contact us.

* Specifications of SPS-1

Model Name SPS-1_10KV/W SPS-1_100KV/W
Reference Wavelength 850nm 850nm
Wavelength Range 320 to 1000nm 320 to 1000nm
Acceptable Maximum Core Diameter φ0.8mm φ0.8mm
Acceptable NA Range 0.2 or less 0.2 or less
Optical Input Connector FC receptacle FC receptacle
Photodetector Type Si PIN PD Si PIN PD
Active diameter of Photodetector φ0.4mm φ0.4mm
Conversion Gain (850nm) 10,000V/W 100,000V/W
Output Saturation Optical Input Power (850nm) -8.2dBm -18.2dBm
Conversion Bandwidth DC to 100MHz DC to 15MHz
Output Noise Level 1.0mVrms or less 1.0mVrms or less
Noise Equivalent Optical Power (850nm) -40dBm or less -50dBm or less
Electrical Output Connector BNC plug BNC plug
Output Impedance 50 ohms 50 ohms
Output Offset Voltage 0.5mV or less 0.5mV or less
DC Power Connector LEMO 0S-4P LEMO 0S-4P
Supply Voltage DC±15V DC±15V
Supply Current +80mA/-50mA +80mA/-50mA
Dimensions 93 x 44 x 21mm 93 x 44 x 21mm
Weight Applox. 110g Applox. 110g

** Optical input connector, electrical output connector is that of the standard model.
** Other types of connectors are available as a customer's option.

* Spectral Sensitivity (by Calculation)

Spectral Sensitivity of

Ref. Wavelength = 850nm

Peak Sensitivity wavelength = Applox. 770nm

Sensitivity in Dominant Wavelength :

3,000 V/W at 400nm
5,400 V/W at 500nm
8,300 V/W at 600nm
11,000 V/W at 700nm
11,300 V/W at 800nm
8,000 V/W at 900nm

Spectral Sensitivity of

Ref. Wavelength = 850nm

Peak Sensitivity wavelength = Applox. 770nm

Sensitivity in Dominant Wavelength :

29,800 V/W at 400nm
53,900 V/W at 500nm
83,400 V/W at 600nm
109,800 V/W at 700nm
113,300 V/W at 800nm
79,500 V/W at 900nm

* Step Response & Frequency Characteristics (Examples)

Step Response of SPS-1_100KV/W
Risetime = 23.5ns, Overshoot = 2.90%

Frequency Characteristics of SPS-1_100KV/W
-3dB (Electrical) Frequency = Applox. 15MHz